Say hello Lovely People :-)

Mellow Chants love to hear from people, how nice would it be if everyone could just tell us what's on their mind. We are also equipped to play every function and occassion so, if you have a project that you feel we can work on please give us a shout.

We hear social media is the way forward, we are still trying to catch up with these modern times. Please help us grow and follow us on:

Go Fund Me Campaign

Recording and releasing music has become more hard than ever these day. We love music and we have a vision but we need you to help us fund our upcoming EP

The plan is to have a six song Extended Play by the end of February. For a music to come together we need to spend more time on rehearsal and writing.

The end of summer we will put out heads together, come up with a budget and publish it for all to see. How we spend and where the money goes.

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